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Welcome to We have been selling vehicles of all kinds for 39 years. People looking to buy a vehicle are guaranteed to find something, from Honda's to Hummer's, motorcycles to Mercedes-Benz, garden tractors, boats, trains, and "cheapo cars". You can buy or sell any vehicle on our website or in our magazine.

Every two weeks you can search through our new classifieds with the option to buy a vehicle, sell a vehicle, or browse for a vehicle. We deliver Autohunter Plus to over 8,000 locations throughout the New England, but you can reach thousands more by creating and account on

Auto Hunter Plus came to life in 1974 when its founder realized that vehicles could sell better if photographs accompanied the advertisements. What began as a small, local publication has since thoroughly spread itself over the entire Northeast region. The magazine is dedicated to publishing the most complete vehicle classifieds in the region because we know that near or far, somebody is looking for what you're selling.

Auto Hunter originated the concept of photo classified ads, and has been the most comprehensive--and ONLY--photo-filled resource for buying and selling all types of vehicles in this region since 1974. From Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island to Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, and eastern New York, readers get the results they expect. Our strong commitment to providing consumers with opportunities to buy and sell vehicles results in every issue being jam-packed with over 350 pages of the best selection the Northeast has to offer.

If you want results fast, Auto Hunter Magazine is the answer. Private parties and dealers alike enjoy the benefits that Auto Hunter has to offer. The key is finding the right car for the right price, and thats what Auto Hunter Magazine helps you do. For those who are looking to sell a vehicle, the opportunities are endless. Finding the right buyer at the right time is what its all about. Price it right and the magazine does the rest of the work. Whether you take your own photo and mail or e-mail it to us, or have one of our skilled photographers take the picture for you, we guarantee to put it in the hands of a captured audience. Everyone who buys Auto Hunter Magazine is looking specifically for a vehicle; unlike a general classified publication where everything from couches to hedge clippers are listed amongst the cars for sale. Say goodbye to placing ads in multiple newspapers--Auto Hunter Magazine does the work for you. Each issue is spread over 71,000 square miles throughout the Northeast, and circulation is always growing.

Why trade your vehicle in? Vehicles tend to sell for $1,000 to $3,000 more through Auto Hunter Magazine than you might get for a trade-in. With a cost as low as $35 per ad, and NO obligation to ever pay a commission, you always get the full value for the vehicle you're selling through Auto Hunter. It's a hard opportunity to beat. Not only is Auto Hunter Magazine the biggest and the best, but we also pride ourselves on outstanding customer service, a huge success rate, and repeat business. Customer loyalty is a testament to how well Auto Hunter works. Auto Hunter has been a member of the Better Business Bureau with an excellent standing for over 21 years. The magazine overflows with thousands of fresh items in each issue, and with virtually no fillers, our dedication to helping you sell is what puts us above the rest. That's why, magazine for magazine, Auto Hunter outsells every other vehicle publication in the Northeast. Don't settle for less. Take advantage of the only magazine that does the work for you...Auto Hunter Magazine.

And remember: a picture is worth a thousand words!